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Ayhan Doger

Software Architect

Ayhan Doger

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In this article, the delivery management and software lifecycle management (SLM) or application lifecycle management (ALM) will be discussed in the context of agile methodologies and in particular with the example of Scrum. An exemplary scrum-based tracking of the teams efforts, the implementation of corrective actions, the delivery Monitoring, the program and Portfolio, Software Lifecycle Management (Requirements->Development->Testing-> Deployment->Maintenance->New Requirements->…)

Delivery Management

The delivery manager leads the agile and lean teams, using a set of agile and lean tools and practices, in order to realize the product vision of the customer, as the customer-relations manager. A set of key functions of the IT management ensure the delivery of a high quality product to the customer.

Next  is a list of some delivery management tools (Capterra 2018):

  • Bringoz
  • Clarity Software
  • CoDriver
  • Courier Management
  • Deliforce
  • Delivery Biz Pro
  • Delivery Management Software
  • Delivery Tracking App
  • ForwardPOD
  • Godo
  • JungleWorks
  • Kiva Logic
  • LogiNext Mile
  • LOOP
  • Microlise Delivery management
  • Oracle Primavera Unifier
  • Orderlord
  • PackageX
  • Routingo
  • SherpaFleet
  • Shipup
  • TraciFy
  • Trackin
  • Track-POD
  • Wimo App
  • ZetesChronos
  • ZioBee
  • Zippykind Delivery Software

Software lifecyle management and application lifecycle management

Next are some popular tools for the software lifecycle management and application lifecycle management:

  • CA Agile Central (Formerly Rally)
  • Code Review Bundle
  • DevSuite by TechExcel
  • JIRA + Confluence + Stash + Bamboo
  • Panaya Release Dynamix
  • Rommana ALM
  • Spira Team
  • TeamForge by CollabNet
  • TFS by Microsoft
  • Version One


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Softwaretestinghelp (2018): 20 Best Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Tools and Reviews.


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